We Build & Install Great Custom Windows

Residential windows in Los Angeles area need to be affordable, energy efficient and durable to have a long lifespan. Make sure your new windows are air-tight to keep out the winter winds, but at the same time are able to be easily opened to receive the summer breeze.

There are multiple reasons why you may be in need of window replacements. We recently asked consumers why they were considering replacing their windows to find out how we can better service our customer's needs.

Top 7 Reasons For Window Replacement:

  • The old windows rattle and are worn out
  • Wind and drafts
  • Our heating bills are too high
  • They are heavy and hard to operate
  • They  are ugly
  • The old locks are bad
  • They are unsafe

To receive windows that are effectively insulated and beautifully designed yet also affordable, look no further than Foothill Door and Window. Our residential products offer a number of advantages, will provide you with decades of lasting quality. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you will have a quality product for many years after installation. Unlike many other suppliers in the Los Angeles area, we manufacture our products locally and custom-build each order to our customers’ exact specifications.